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Cerulean Entertainment Company Next Disney?

Entertainment Company to Open In Lebanon, MO Forget Santa Clause!  An entertainment company is coming to town!  Cerulean Entertainment may be opening in the small city of Lebanon, MO.  Founder and CEO Andrew Matthews is in negotiations with some well

The Voice to Dancing How to Pick a Reality Talent Show

  It seems that the Talent Show, The Voice is giving American Idol a run for its money. Meanwhile Dancing with the Stars will be screaming for attention but will hardly be able to generate enough buzz to keep with

The ‘Sing-Off’ Finale

Have you watched Nick Lachey on the The ‘Sing-Off’ Finale   Perhaps the best vocal competition show on television came to a climax last night as the winner of all the 16 a cappella groups was announced: Pentatonix. I never

Simon Cowell Admits Cutting Amaro Would Be Mistake

Simon Cowell Says Sorry Gut instinct told Simon Cowell not to cut Melanie Amaro, he admitted on X Factor Simon Cowell, once again initiated a gasp that would be heard around the world from the audience.  Sometime around 9:45 p.m.

X Factor Butterfly Effect What The?

X Factor Butterfly Effect Wednesday night the X Factor butterfly effect was in full swing.  The so-called X Factor butterfly effect refers to a theoretical phenomenon whereby a butterfly, say in Bonga Bonga, flaps its wings and somehow causes a

Arizona Infomercial Star Don Lapre Found Dead in Jail

If you ever watched infomercials in the past 20 years (especially in the 90s) then you likely have seen Don Lapre,  the self-styled “King of Infomercials,” who has been in the news lately for charges of cheating millions of customers

Tim Allen is back: Last Man Standing

Some might call Tim Allen’s new sitcom, “Home Improvement 2” but for those who took comfort in Tim Allen’s “man’s man” attitude and shtick will likely enjoy his new show premiering this fall on ABC. “Last Man Standing,” which debuts

America’s Got Talent YouTube Night Results

Maybe we should put the America’s Got Talent voters in charge of our national elections come 2012. Yet once again, the America’s Got Talent voting public got it right. Tuesday night, 12 acts culled from You Tube auditions showed their

Tonight Show vs. Daily Show

Who leads late night television? While most would expect Leno’s ‘Tonight Show’ to earn higher ratings than Jon Stewart’s ‘The Daily Show,’ it seems that a new report could put NBC and Comedy Central in stiff competition. For the first

Glenn Beck Says Hello America and Goodbye Fox News!

June 30, 2020, marked the end of Fox stardom for conservative radio and talk show host Glenn Beck. Beck began the show by recapping highlights from his two year stint on Fox, referring to it in his own words as