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Lindsay Lohan Owes 93K in Taxes : Tax Tips for us all!


  We’ve heard stories before about celebrities owing big money to Uncle Sam and it may come as no surprise that Hollywood troublemaker Lindsay Lohan was reported by TMZ as being in the red with her federal taxes from 2009.

iPhone 5 Will it be Worth the Wait?

  While most are still speculating on what the new iPhone will look like and how it will perform, I will make an educated guess and say that the next iPhone will be worth the wait. I have never owned

Square The “Smart” Credit Card Skimmer

Available on the Apple iPad, iPhone and iTouch, the Square allows users to accept credit cards via their mobile device.  The Square, a small white credit card skimmer, plugs into the headphone jack of the Apple device.

Cyber Attacks Targeting Google Android Smartphones

Competition is expected in any market and with smartphones increasing in popularity, Google and Apple are being criticized for pushing their products out, regardless of the cyber attacks looming on their security systems. Sony’s Playstation Network (PSN) suffered severe attacks