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How to Prepare High School Students for Getting a Good Career

These days, getting a bachelor’s degree does not guarantee a good job. What are high schools doing wrong? More importantly, the question becomes this: What do we do to prepare our children so they can either be prepared for college

Student Loan Debt Near $1 Trillion

I couldn’t believe this as I was typing it: One Trillion Dollars. This is one of those numbers that you either hear about from economists regarding the national debt or maybe a ransom number from a celebrity evil genius. I

College Costs Intense Despite Financial Aid

Financial Aid Reduces College Costs College Costs after Financial Aid known as sticker-price Just when you think colleges can’t get any more expensive, think again. It used to be that when people spoke of extremely expensive schools they were talking

SAT Scores are Down

Anyone who was ever in high school looking into going to college knows what it is like to deal with those pesky entrance exams, the SAT and the ACT. The College Board, owner of the SAT, released a report that

College Rankings Don’t believe the hype

We’ve all seen the famous lists of college rankings that U.S. News puts out every year and for the masses of prospective students shopping around for their ideal institution, U.S. News has become the Consumer Reports of education. People put