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Ever try to navigate the Bank of America 800 number?  Or what about CitiBank, Capital One and Chase?  All are big name banks, handling accounts, loans and more for individuals all over the world.  When you choose a name that allows individuals to believe you are America’s choice for banks, one would thing that navigating the phone line of the Bank of America 800 number would be easy.  When it comes to payment the options are relatively simple and quick,  however we all know that it can be worse than pulling teeth when it comes to reaching a live person when it comes to customer service.  Most companies like Bank of America and Chase have an 800 number you can call, but then you wind up hitting several promps and might not even get to the right department let alone an actual person.

Bank of America has a Contact Us... They just make you take your time

The Bank of America 800 number (1-800-432-1000), actually can direct you to a number of different departments within B of A. When you get through, say, “Talk to an associate” when recording begins.  Then, listen to the options and speak the department name you would like. If asked to speak a specific reason you are calling, just mumble. You will then be transferred to a live person.  It’s really silly what one must go through to get to a “live person” but there are tricks of the trade.

Below are several other Bank of America 800 numbers that may serve your needs. Whether you are trying to reach the Bank of America Home Equity Loan center, securing a Bank of America Home Loan, or the Bank of America Credit Card customer service center than look no further.

Customer Service/Lost or Stolen Credit Card-800.732.9194

Credit Card Activation-800.276.9939

Technical support-800.792.0808

Mobile Banking customer support-800.933.6262

Existing Mortgages-800.669.6607/ New Mortgage Applications-1.866.670.5271

Existing Home Equity Lines of Credit & Loans-800.621.1044

New Home Equity Lines of Credit & Loans-800.779.3894

Corporate Headquarters Operator- 800-900-9000 (press 0 twice)

Bank of America has locations (ie. Banks and ATM’s) throughout the country, so depending on your specific need and your general location, you will want to consider that when calling any Bank of America 800 number.

Corporate Headquarters (Bank of America):

Bank of America Corporate Center,100 North Tryon Street

Charlotte, North Carolina 28255

One thing to be careful about however is the fact that Bank of America does not disclose that some areas only supply customers with ATM locations.  In fact North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Mississippi and finally West Virginia do not even offer Bank of America ATM location, giving some customers no other option than to use the Bank of America 800 number in order to make payments or request information.

By learning how to master the Bank of America 800 number than a customer can be guaranteed no matter where they are in the United States, calling may be easier than actually popping into a bank.  Just make sure your not driving when you call the Bank of America 800 number!

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