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Jill Kelley Speaks Out Again, Jill Kelley Breaks Silence AGAIN

Jill Kelley Speaks OUt

Jill Kelley speaks out finally regarding her involvement in the General Petraeus Scandal that conveniently came out just before Petraeus, aka the head of the CIA during the Benghazi attacks, was supposed to testify in court.  But really guys, it

David Petraeus Scandal Pressed by Time?

When the David Petraeus scandal first broke, I have to be honest I barely knew who the guy was and rolling my eyes said not again.  But than after a fortunate meeting I decided to look further into the David

David Petraeus Did He Get Pussy or Hide Under the Desk Like One?

Sure I believe in coincidence, but when it comes to the timing of this “alleged scandal” between the 60 year old male CIA director and the 40 year old female news reporter I have to say there are a few

Vice Presidential Debate Can Democrats Rebound?

Vice Presidential Debate

Reuters claims,  the U.S. vice presidential debate on Thursday grabbed voters’ attention but appeared to change few hearts in the capital of Ohio, a state that might hold the key to victory in the November 6 election. But was Vice President

Political Campaign or Popularity Contest?

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Political Campaign Every politician is involved in some sort of political campaign aka political agenda.  Isn’t it annoying when the fact-checkers find lies in the politician’s speech and the politician just moves on like nothing ever happened—as if

Politics, Passion, and YOU

Politics, Passion, Purpose I think too many people neglect their passion and do not embrace it. One of my passions, aside from writing, is motivational speaking—and like any passion, it helps if you can see your path to where you

President Obama From Strong Leader to Slow Jam [VIDEO]

President Obama recently gave a speech at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner  and it included his characteristic humor and wit. I love to see high-powered leaders using the skill of comedy. Whether you think President Obama is a bad

Morning Shows | Today Show Vs. Good Morning America

Morning Shows Today Show and Good Morning America aka GMA While NBC has been the king in terms of morning shows with the Today show, it has been widely reported that Good Morning America is nudging up in the ratings

Obama Wants The Rich To Pay 30% In Taxes

Obama Wants The Rich To Pay 30% In Taxes

  There’s been a lot of buzz about Obama wanting to reform the tax code for those that make a million bucks or more a year. The idea here is that if you make more money, you should pay more

Obama Gives Early Christmas Present to Soldiers and Their Families

U.S. troops

Obama Gives Early Christmas Present to Iraq Troops An early Christmas came to millions on Thursday when U.S. troops lowered the flag of command that flew over the Iraqi capital, carefully rolled it and cased it in camouflage in accordance

Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, and the Holidays

I cringed a bit when I wrote an article headline that included both Obama the President of the United States and the young and ultra-popular music star Justin Bieber. These two folks aren’t anything alike but they both attended a

Presidential Candidates 2012 Democrats, Republicans and More

Presidential Candidates 2012 Socialist, Democrats, Libertarian, Republicans all have Presidential Candidates Is it the media or the presidential candidates making this next election the hottest topic in the news?  The United States presidential election of 2012 is to be held

Hank Williams Jr. and ESPN Part Ways

Hank Williams Jr. Hank Williams Jr. and ESPN part ways “Are you ready for some football?”  After more than two decades, ESPN and Hank Williams Jr. have called it quits.  ESPN pulled his opening song  after the country singer used

NBA Lockout Worse Than NFL Lockout

The NBA lockout is approaching the 100th day of the labor dispute as training camps are delayed and 43 preseason games have been cancelled.  First the NFL and now the NBA lockout?  With the bad economy many business owners fear

Consolidate Student Loans CONGRESS!

Congress needs to consolidate student loans Consolidate student loans so that the future of America can exist Congress, consolidate student loans while your at it! As crazy as that sounds, I know for a fact that the majority of people

Donald Trump: “I’m not running for president

NEW YORK, NY— After all that, Americans will not get to stand witness to “The Donald 2012.” Donald Trump announced on Monday that he will not be running for president on the Republican ticket, after months of flirting with the

Certificate of Live Birth of President Obama Released By White House As Real as Trump’s Comb Over

April 27th, 2011 straight out of Washington D.C. the White House is proud to present, President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  Proof is finally being brought forward on this day that President Barack Obama is in fact a United States citizen,

Donald Trump opens new argument against Obama—his education!

NEW YORK, NY— As he continues to mull running for president on the Republican ticket in 2012, real estate mogul Donald Trump is sticking to the outspoken attacks against President Barack Obama that has led him to the top of

Trump for President?

Barack Obama is all about raising taxes on those who make $250,000 and over a year, but guess what, Donald Trump has a few ideas of his own and raising the taxes is not one of them.  President Obama announced