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“Banned For Life”

New York- “Banned for life” was the decision imposed on L.A. Clippers Owner Donald Sterling after making racists comments to his girlfriend V. Stiviano.  The issue was raised as recorded tapes of his conversation to V. Stiviano began to surface

Michael Jordan Turns 50: Leadership on Acid (part 6)

Leadership and Greatness

Michael Jordan turns 50: Leadership on Acid part 6.  I think we view Michael Jordan in sports the way we viewed Michael Jackson in music: Unquestionably one of the most talented players of their game. As I think about Jordan,

NBA Lockout Worse Than NFL Lockout

The NBA lockout is approaching the 100th day of the labor dispute as training camps are delayed and 43 preseason games have been cancelled.  First the NFL and now the NBA lockout?  With the bad economy many business owners fear

Dallas Mavericks Win Their First NBA Title Over Miami Heat

Miami, FL- It was history in the making. A chance for the Dallas Mavericks to win their first NBA title. To make up for a loss to Miami in the 2006 NBA Finals. On the road and a “do or

Former NBA bad-boy Ron Artest wins 2011 citizenship award

LOS ANGELES, CA— The NBA announced on Tuesday that Lakers forward Ron Artest—once the poster-boy for the league’s “thug” image—has been named the recipient of the 2011 J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award.  The selection was made by the Pro Basketball

Kobe Fined for Slip-Up

Los Angeles, CA- So Kobe Bryant accidently had a little diarrhea of the mouth. Tuesday night in the third quarter of a victory over the San Antonio Spurs, Kobe (apparently) called out referee Bennie Adams by attempting to get his

NBA Suspends Memphis’ O.J. Mayo For Positive Steroid Test:

Memphis Grizzlies guard O.J. Mayo has been suspended by the National Basketball Association for ten games without pay for testing positive for a banned steroid—thus violating the league’s anti-doping program. Mayo tested positive on Thursday for dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which is