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Sandy And The City: Hurricane Sandy Hits NYC

Walking out of the liquor store on 37th and 3rd, I could not help but wonder if Hurricane Sandy is driving other New Yorkers to drink.  If you ask this New Yorker, looks like Hurricane Sandy is gonna rock us

Social Living Best Scene in Sex and The City

Social Living When it comes to social living, Carrie Bradshaw I envy you.  Not because of your ability to go off and gallivant with your girlfriends, or because you seem to spend more money in one weekend then most writers make

New Year’s Resolution History and Hype

New Years Resolutions

What is you New Year’s Resolution My New Year’s resolution ? That’s easy.  To work less, live more and love like no one’s watching.  For some the concept of a New Year’s resolution is un-needed and honestly there is a

Paranormal Activity Travel Guide Halloween Weekend

Paranormal Activity Local Haunts, Legends and Stories of Paranormal Activity Looking for paranormal activity this Halloween?  And no I do not mean Paranormal Activity in the movie theatres; I am talking the real thing.  Ghosts, hauntings, terrifying legends and more,

Halloween Activities | Corn Maze Go Ahead Get Lost

Halloween Corn Maze Halloween Activities for all ages Looking for Halloween activities to do such as a corn maze, trick or treating or pumpkin picking? Halloween is one of those holidays where it can often be all about the children

Students Protest Tuition Hikes Across 15 SUNY Campuses

SUNY Students protest rising tuition costs October 5, 2020 SUNY students protest across campuses tuition hikes that shall occur over the next few years.  Joining in with those individuals at Occupy Wall Street, the SUNY students just need Twisted Sister

World Trade Center Site New York and 9/11 Ten Years Later

World Trade Center Site New York and September 11th September 12th 2011 World Trade Center Memorial Opens, New York braces through terrorist threats Ten years ago a hole was carved in the New York skyline as two planes flew into

We Will Remember September 11 , 2001

September 11 , 2001- A day that will always be remembered. Some remember September 11 as the day a loved one was lost; others remember it as the day democracy was attacked. That day meant something to every American and

Labor Day Celebrations, History and More

Labor Day Weekend 2011 History behind the holiday we know as Labor Day Labor Day is an enjoyable holiday- a day solely dedicated to relaxation and leisure. American’s are workaholics, so why is an entire day dedicated to not working?

Remembering September 11 New York, Terrorism and Media

Remembering September 11th for me is looking back over the ten years that has passed and growing as an individual, realizing what we are fighting against requires an entire country to stand together, not to be afraid and to have

Is Sex Education Bad for Children?

You would think that parents such as Chris Teti, editor of the BQB, would be looking at school programs such as sex education as a good thing, knowing that kids need to learn about the birds and the bees sooner

Hurricane Irene Hits New York and Long Island

Hurricane Irene hits New York and Long Island Knocking down trees, taking out power lines, Hurricane Irene left a path of destruction behind her Hurricane Irene blew through the New York and Long Island areas this past weekend leaving destruction

Hurricane Irene Aftermath in Long Island New York

Throughout the weekend Holly Robin of The BQB was reporting for WeatherNation TV. Taking on the assignment late Friday evening Holly Robin set out to cover Hurricane Irene and how it affected Long Island. An apartment complex in Sayville

Hurricane Irene Hits New York This Weekend

Hurricane Irene Plans, precautions and news as Hurricane Irene hits New York Hurricane Irene hits New York with force this weekend and New York has always been a relatively safe place to live when it comes to natural disasters. According

Boxy Nissan minivan becomes new face of New York’s yellow taxi fleet

NEW YORK, NY— New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday unveiled the city’s next generation of yellow taxi cab—a boxy minivan made by Nissan. The minivan won out over two other finalists in a city-wide competition.  It will have