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Social Living Best Scene in Sex and The City

Social Living When it comes to social living, Carrie Bradshaw I envy you.  Not because of your ability to go off and gallivant with your girlfriends, or because you seem to spend more money in one weekend then most writers make

Apps For Halloween | Trick or Tracker Updates for Mom

Apps For Halloween for your Smartphone Both Android and iPhone Apps for Halloween Weekend Smartphone apps for Halloween? Yep! For people killing time browsing the Android/iTunes market, there are now smartphone apps for Halloween.  Why waste money on smartphone apps

Acne Smartphone App Can Help Clear Your Pimples

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Acne Smartphone App Can an acne smartphone app clear your face? There’s now an acne smartphone app, making it official, there is an app for almost everything.  When I first heard of the acne smartphone app the first thought that

Netflix Subscription Price Increase

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Netflix is raising their prices this upcoming September and rather than giving users the benefits of both physical DVD rental and online video download, the company has decided to make them two separate subscriptions. Consumers of Netflix will be