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The Lobster: A Weird Movie about True Love

  Movie Review: The Lobster This film is easy to hate. This is a film I highly do NOT recommend, but I did enjoy it. You know how you watch a movie like Schindler’s List, and recognize how great it

Contraband Number One At Box Office

contraband movie

Contraband #1 Box Office Making a clean break into the box office this weekend was Mark Wahlberg’s latest action-thriller, Contraband.  Although Contraband may have broken the box office, Wahlberg learned after working on the Fighter that a blockbuster doesn’t always

Netflix Subscription Price Increase

netflix cover

Netflix is raising their prices this upcoming September and rather than giving users the benefits of both physical DVD rental and online video download, the company has decided to make them two separate subscriptions. Consumers of Netflix will be

International Comic Con 2011

comic con 2011

International Comic Con 2011 was held from July 21-24 in San Diego, California. Superman, Spiderman and Twilight fans all united

Vanessa Anne Hudgens Makeover or “Makeunder”

Vanessa Anne Hudgens makeover for her new movie Gimme Shelter sends shockwaves through the media! Hudgens makeover required a "makeunder"!

Thor Thunders into American Box Offices

Perhaps I missed the bus when it comes to the hype surrounding the movie “Thor” but I can understand why.  Marvel goes big or goes home whenever it shapes a film around one of its famed superheroes.  After releasing blockbuster

Phantom Of The Opera: The Sequel

That’s right, as if the first one didn’t make enough money, playwright Andrew Lloyd Weber has come out with “Love Never Dies” which continues the Phantom story set some ten years later in America. Recently premiering in London, the new

Broadway’s “Spider-Man” Show Delayed For A Fourth Time:

Broadway’s long-anticipated “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark”—the most expensive show to ever appear on the Great White Way—has been delayed for a fourth time. The $65 million, high-tech production—which features all original music from U2’s Bono and The Edge—has been

3D Box Office Might Suffer Due To High Ticket Prices:

3-D Movie tickets to expensive

LOS ANGELES, CA—According to a new study released to The Hollywood Reporter, Hollywood is teetering close to the point of going to far with its pushing of 3D movies. The problem, according to the study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, is a

Elijah Wood To Reprise Frodo Role In “The Hobbit”:

Peter Jackson film “The Hobbit

It is officially confirmed that Elijah Wood will reprise his “Lord of the Rings” role as Frodo in the upcoming Peter Jackson film “The Hobbit”. Jackson’s long anticipated prequel to his Oscar-winning trilogy is set to begin production in his