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Quit Smoking Lose Weight? WEIGHT A MINUTE!

How I Quit Smoking and Lost Weight Without Trying Getting healthy on one aspect means getting unhealthy on another.  Is this true?  When you quit smoking, you gain fat-excuse me, I gained fat.  I’m not speaking on behalf of Americans,

Anxiety Disorder Symptoms of a Silent Thief

This brief message introduces a series about Anxiety Disorder.  Stay tuned for a more personal experience. Everyone experiences stress and anxiety at one time or another in life. The difference between them is that stress is a response to a

Milk How to Find the Right Non Dairy Option

These days you don’t just see cow’s milk at the grocery store. You see a slew of products that include “Almond Milk,” “Soy Milk,” “Coconut Milk,” and even others like oat milk, rice milk, and hemp milk. Of course these

Relationship, Bromberg’s How To

  I’ve been interested to write a series of articles about my take on how to do things. There are plenty of “how to” books and a seemingly endless supply of forums and reference materials on the internet, however, my

Serial Killer Hits the OC

I’ve been watching the television show Dexter these days, getting fully enveloped into the world of a serial killer who works for Miami PD forensics as a blood analyst. Throughout the series, the serial killer in the show choose their

Garlic No Good For Vampires But Great For Human Heart

Garlic Natural Antioxidant

With the Twilight movies, vampires are once again getting into the spotlight. A vampire film gives health writers an excuse to share the health properties of garlic, a food traditionally taboo in the vampire world. While Twilight writer Stephenie Meyer

Does Weight Watchers really work?

According to a study published recently in the British medical journal The Lancet, people following the Weight Watchers program for a year lost twice as much weight as those who followed weight-loss guidance from their doctor. What does this mean?

Spicy Foods and Pain Medication?

You’re eating sushi with a friend. The friend splashes some wasabi on the sushi and you just cringe, knowing how spicy that would be if you did the same. While spicy foods may be an acquired taste, what if the

50/50: A New Seth Rogen Comedy about Cancer?

The great thing about being an actor with many big movies under your belt is that you get to work on projects that mean something to you in a personal way—perhaps even based on your life. Years ago, Seth Rogen

Kidney Stones and Calcium Supplements

Most people know that kidney stones are up there with some of those painful experiences humans can fathom, and build-up of calcium deposits is partly to blame. Meanwhile, women of a certain age are encouraged to take calcium supplements to

Are Those New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Still Working?

Remember the News Year’s Resolutions you made earlier this month? Getting back into the gym, going on a diet, cutting back on the “bad things.” It’s now the end of the month and are you still keeping up on your

2011: A New Year For Fitness Gadgets

Fitness enthusiasts who do not yet have a Blackberry or iPhone will strongly consider it in 2011. With new apps (and gizmos) coming out all the time, it’s no wonder that the health conscious world has taken advantage of the

High Blood Pressure In kids Linked To Secondhand Smoke:

A new study has found that secondhand smoke poses a long-term risk to young children’s cardiovascular systems, and suggests that those who live in a household where a parent or guardian smokes have an increased chance of developing high blood