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Marijuana Pot’s Potential for Medicinal Use

Marijuana and Medicine Every year on April 20th aka 420, regardless of whether I smoke or not, one thing comes to mind, National Weed Day.  That’s right on 420 Afroman’s “Because I Got High” is blasted around dorm rooms, in

Saint Peregrine the Patron Saint of Cancer

Saint Peregrine the Patron Saint of Cancer is someone that I never before heard of until last night.  Born in 1260 at Forli, Italy, Peregrine joined the Servite order and was ordained as a priest.  After returning home, Saint Peregrine

50/50: A New Seth Rogen Comedy about Cancer?

The great thing about being an actor with many big movies under your belt is that you get to work on projects that mean something to you in a personal way—perhaps even based on your life. Years ago, Seth Rogen

You’ve Heard Of Super Foods, But Sweet Super Foods?

Super foods are foods found in nature that can do things that many pharmaceutical drugs strive to do such as lower cholesterol, improve digestive and immune systems, and reduce risk of heart disease and cancer. Super foods are far superior

Cancer Treatments And Penguins

Cancer Treatments and Penguins have in common

What do Penguins have to do with treating the horrors of cancer? More than you might think. It is no surprise that cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy often suffer side-effects of the poison including feeling weak, sick, and, most noticeably,