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Embrace And Hold On

Wow!  I woke up today and marveled at how truly great our country is.  I thought that Trump had talked his way out of winning the election.  As I thought more and more, I realized that the people really did

OPINION: Vote for who fix what matters to you most.

The latest attacks between Trump and Cruz bringing their wives into the mix just show us how none of the presidential candidates are fit for office.  It seems as though the path to the presidency these days includes taking up

How to Vote for the Right Politician: My Fantastic Advice

Who has substance?    This is the question I am always asking myself when I watch the different players in the current politics game. I suggest you do the same. In a world full of sound bytes and snappy quips

FOX NEWS President Obama Enjoys Financial Edge Over Romney

obama romney

President Barack Obama’s re-election effort enjoyed a 10-to-1 financial edge over Republican rival Mitt Romney last month, out-raising the former Massachusetts governor by millions as President Obama stuffed more than $104 million into his campaign war chest. A nasty primary

It’s official, Obama 2012 begins

WASHINGTON, DC— In a very low-key email sent to supporters, President Barack Obama said he was filling out the appropriate paperwork for the Federal Election Commission to commence his re-election bid in a formal way, thus officially kicking off his