Embrace And Hold On

Wow!  I woke up today and marveled at how truly great our country is.  I thought that Trump had talked his way out of winning the election.  As I thought more and more, I realized that the people really did get it right yesterday.  Citizens came out in record numbers to voice their opinions and concerns and utilize their right to vote.

Let’s not dwell over the decision.  Let’s not second guess our vote or wonder if we got it right.  What’s done is done.  We ALL need to come together and demand change.  We deserve a better country for our citizens and those attempting to become citizens.  Trump (however people may like it) is ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT.  His presidency will shake up U.S. politics and cause the “Good Ol’e Boys on the Hill” to be held accountable.  Other nation’s will now change the way they handle their own business and diplomacy.  We may have even gained some much needed respect around the world.

This history in the making will reach deep within our values and morals as a society and get people believing again that anything can be done in this country if we really believe and are willing to put in the work and stick ourselves out there.  But we have to do it united.  We have to do it as Americans.  No more social injustice (Trump really put the media out of their comfort zone), no more killing, no more thinking that one person is better than another.  In God’s eyes, we are all his children and are EQUAL.  We all may be at different places in our lives with different struggles, but we are all ONE.

So I say strap in, hold on and embrace the ride we are all about to take.


God Bless

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  1. Marie says:

    Hey may be outrageous, but he says what a lot of us think. No doubt he loves this country!!

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