OPINION: Vote for who fix what matters to you most.

The latest attacks between Trump and Cruz bringing their wives into the mix just show us how none of the presidential candidates are fit for office.  It seems as though the path to the presidency these days includes taking up valuable time, resources and money to bash one another further reducing themselves to the level of elementary age kids frolicking on the playground.

These are the people that are running for office to lead our country back to “great again.”  These are the people that will have to engage with other nations and military’s forces.  These are the people tasked with putting our country back on track domestically.

A friend of mine suggested that I stop reading and watching these sensationalize debates and wait for the paper to print a full bio/background on each candidate and make my decision based on what matters to me and my family the most.  Vote for the candidate that is most qualified to address that matter to me most!

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