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Dog Stories Which Have Inspired Me

Dog Stories

Dog Stories For Anyone and Everyone Dog stories always find a place in my heart.  I have found recently that dogs are not only man’s best friend, but human kind’s greatest teachers.  Honestly I believe dog stories provide us with

Marriage Are You Making It? Breaking It? Or Faking It?

What does marriage mean to you?  Are you old school in your beliefs of marriage thinking that sometimes you may not marry the right person but divorce is just not an option.  Perhaps you got married because of an unplanned

What Is a Soulmate? Plentiful as NYC Cabs or One in a Million?

What is a Soulmate? What is a soulmate?  Seems to be the million dollar question during these times.  People look into the word soulmate and find many different things.  Personally the question what is a soulmate never really dwelled upon

What Is Love? Besides Being Almost Impossible to Find!

What is Love? One writer’s quest to help others answer the question, what is love? What is love?  At the age of 26 I still believe in the fairytale romance. For me the answer to the question, what is love,