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Divorce Taking a Look at TomKat

When we hear about people getting divorced, celebrities or not, we get more and more desensitized. The Tom Cruise story is sad because he was so passionate about her (publicly) at the beginning, however we all should be that passionate

KIM KARDASHIAN Future Mayor of Glendale?

Kim Kardashian and the word Mayor in the same sentence without talk of a scandal?  Yep! When I first read about the possibility of the famous reality TV star going into politics I could only think about how strange that sounds.

Marriage Are You Making It? Breaking It? Or Faking It?

What does marriage mean to you?  Are you old school in your beliefs of marriage thinking that sometimes you may not marry the right person but divorce is just not an option.  Perhaps you got married because of an unplanned

Golden Globes AKA The Ricky Gervais Brutal Joke Show

Ricky Gervais

It’s pretty obvious why Ricky Gervais has been once again hired to host this formerly average and lackluster awards program. Last year, as you recall, a buzz was generated due to his harsh words and stinging jokes against Hollywood’s elite.

Are the Kardashians putting out a magazine?

What are the Kardashians doing now   The Kardashians seem to getting into the media business Oprah-style, meaning that the world is their oyster. Aside from their clothing lines and television work, Page Six reports the reality TV family is close to

Kardashian Divorce E! Comments After 72 Days of Marriage

Kim Kardashian Divorce The Kardashian divorce, after a marriage lasting only 72 days, is an interesting story for TV analysts. The first obvious debate comes from how much “reality” really exists in a reality show.  Was the Kim Kardashian divorce

Kim Kardashian Divorce Papers Filed, Blocks Spousal Support

Kim Kardashian Divorce After 72 Days of Marriage Kim Kardashian Divorce from Kris Humphries is Happening Encore do you want more, Kim Kardashian divorce media tour?  Yep.  After 72 days the Kim Kardashian divorce from her husband Kris Humphries is

Kim Kardashian Wedding Crashers?

With the big Kim Kardashian wedding happening this past weekend, everyone in Hollywood wants to know details—and they can’t have them until, of course, the TV special comes out in October. Huffington Post reporter “Naughty But Nice Rob” asked the