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Talk about charming, Braxton Hotel in Washington, D.C. takes the prize

Braxton Hotel in Washington, D.C. takes the prize One factor everyone considers when taking a vacation or trip is their budget.  Whether it’s sightseeing, shopping or lounging at the pool, travelers these days are watching what they spend.  The last

Kim Kardashian Wedding Crashers?

With the big Kim Kardashian wedding happening this past weekend, everyone in Hollywood wants to know details—and they can’t have them until, of course, the TV special comes out in October. Huffington Post reporter “Naughty But Nice Rob” asked the

White House considering releasing photos of bin Laden’s corpse

WASHINGTON, DC— The Obama administration is determining whether or not to publicly release the photos of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden’s corpse, a spokesman for the White House announced on Tuesday. Three sets of photos exist of Monday’s early

White House Watches Live Video of Raid, Will and Kate’s Honeymoon Delayed

  Two days after the death of Osama bin Laden and interesting tidbits of information continue to rise as the death of al Qaeda’s main man sends a ripple across the entire world. Prince William and Catherine Middleton were married