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Marriage Are You Making It? Breaking It? Or Faking It?

What does marriage mean to you?  Are you old school in your beliefs of marriage thinking that sometimes you may not marry the right person but divorce is just not an option.  Perhaps you got married because of an unplanned

Kardashian Divorce E! Comments After 72 Days of Marriage

Kim Kardashian Divorce The Kardashian divorce, after a marriage lasting only 72 days, is an interesting story for TV analysts. The first obvious debate comes from how much “reality” really exists in a reality show.  Was the Kim Kardashian divorce

Kim Kardashian Divorce Papers Filed, Blocks Spousal Support

Kim Kardashian Divorce After 72 Days of Marriage Kim Kardashian Divorce from Kris Humphries is Happening Encore do you want more, Kim Kardashian divorce media tour?  Yep.  After 72 days the Kim Kardashian divorce from her husband Kris Humphries is