Golden Globes AKA The Ricky Gervais Brutal Joke Show

Ricky Gervais

It’s pretty obvious why Ricky Gervais has been once again hired to host this formerly average and lackluster awards program. Last year, as you recall, a buzz was generated due to his harsh words and stinging jokes against Hollywood’s elite. One might think that they can’t take a joke, it turns out that if it means good ratings, then bring it on!

Here’s an example of a few jokes that I remember from last year’s awards:

Upon introducing Robert Downy, Jr. to present an award: “Many of you in this room probably know him best from such facilities as the Betty Ford Clinic and Los Angeles County Jail…”

Gervais introduced Bruce Willis as “Ashton Kutcher’s dad” which seemed funny only because of how painfully awkward that must have been.

Finally, what some might call the most controversial of jokes in reference to Scientology:

Referring to the film I Love You Phillip Morris, Gervais said it was about “two heterosexual actors pretending to be gay - so the complete opposite of some famous Scientologists, then.”

“My lawyers helped me with the wording of that joke,” he added as the audience gasped.

He must have a stipulation somewhere in his contract that his jokes may be ‘wildly offensive and inappropriate’ but ‘no legal action from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association can be used in response’ or something to that effect so he knows that he can do whatever he wants without suffering endless lawsuits. Sure, the celebrities themselves could sue, but then again by this point they should be expecting the worst so, shame on them if they actually do get offended.

When I watched the awards last year, my initial reaction was that Ricky Gervais did a terrible job. The jokes were tasteless and done for reaction at best. A week or two later I came to the realization that his sort of humor is exactly what he presented: Reaction humor AKA shock jokes. He wasn’t trying to be mean for the sake of being a jackass; he was trying to be mean for the sake of being funny in a biting way.

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is back hosting the awards this year and the tone is likely going to be the same as last year. According to the AP, Gervais accepted the offer to host the Globes to “annoy” the people who said he’d never be invited back.

Gervais believes that these celebrities are in such a different world that a little spanking in this sense should be welcomed. “Let’s get this in perspective: They’re the wealthiest, most privileged people in the world,” he told Esquire. “Imagine if I had gone out there and said, ‘We’re all in the same gang. Aren’t we brilliant? Us millionaires together.’”

I expect some great hardcore jokes this year and that is why people will be watching, honestly—not because they care if some producer wins another award for Modern Family or something but, at some level, we kind of want to see these rich people get burned.  Kim Kardashian jokes? I’m expecting nothing less. Ricky Gervais will do his worst—er I mean best.

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