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Star Trek Into the Darkness NYC Premiere (VIDEO)

Holly Robin catches up with celebrity guests as well as two of the stars from Star Trek Into the Darkness

Scrabble adds more slang terms to its official dictionary

PAWTUCKET, RI— The ever expanding official dictionary for the classic board-game Scrabble is adding an additional 3,000 words, including many slang phrases and cell phone text abbreviations sure to have purists of the game calling for an end to the

Playstation Network Back Online Soon

Perhaps Osama bin Laden’s playstation account was hacked and that is how we caught him!  Just one of the many wise cracks people are coming up with after the death of the infamous head of al Qaeda this past Sunday. 

PS3 Sony’s Playstation Security Network Shutdown May be Largest Identity Information Breach in History

You know those cute commercials on the television that talk about identity theft? Well we all know about the threat of identity theft, however who would have thought that a gaming system network, Sony’s Playstation and in particular was liable

Nook Color gets firmware update in April

If you have been yearning for the Android powered Nook Color to become a cheap Android tablet, your wish may come true. The Nook Color will be getting access to a custom Barnes & Noble app store and Flash support