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Democracy Dead America? F*CK YEAH: A Holly Robin Rant

Democracy Dead

Democracy is about equality right? A government for the people by the people. I am sorry but this government is a joke. The entirety. Our president, our congress, they are all out for themselves and something needs

Growing Up No Pain, No Gain Right?

Growing up has been a difficult path for me to embark upon. At the age of 27 I am not exactly where I pictured myself to be, however I have never felt more passionate about my purpose in life.  Unfortunately

The Troubles of Connecting with People: RSVPs, SPAM, and FB

You would expect that these days with all the advances in technology it would be so easy to connect with people. Ten years ago, most of us didn’t even have to use a pay phone to connect with someone anymore;

Facebook Generation Won’t Buy These Eight Products

There is a new study out that claims the Facebook generation will not buy eight products.  I think it should be no surprise that newspapers will soon be a thing of the past, especially for today’s younger or middle-aged crowd, but other

Dating Dicks, Pricks, and Men Who Bring Out Your Inner Bitch

What Women Learn From Dating Dicks I would like to take a minute and dedicate this to the time I spent dating dicks over the years.  The ones who have not only inspired me to write this article but have

Facebook, Suicide Prevention, and the Future


I recently read a story about how Facebook now makes it easier for users to get help if they express suicidal thoughts or feelings. The social network site will now have a link that friends can click on next to

X Factor Final 12 Perform Viewers Decide Thursday

X Factor Final 12 Perform Call it the X Factor Spring as the X Factor final 12 take the stage.  Finally, the people rise to power. Wednesday night the X Factor final 12 took to the stage, and their future

Largest Corn Maze Located in Northern California

Largest Corn Maze Northern California Largest Corn Maze 45 Acres Looking for the largest corn maze experience? Today I went to Cool Patch Pumpkins, the place in Dixon where people get pumpkins, take pictures with scarecrows, and do fall-harvest themed

Facebook Requires Drug Companies to Socialize

facebook drugs

Facebook wants to encourage interaction between its users and drug companies that have pages on the social networking platform. Facebook will allow companies to continue to block wall comments on specific prescription product pages, but most pages would be focused

Google Wants Real Names No Pseudonyms

Google+ social media

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter were told to make room back in June when Google launched Google+ however no matter how big the ship, sailing on unchartered seas is bound to have some rough spots

Google+ Latest Venture For Google and Social Networking

Google+ is the newest addition to not only Google but the social networking world as well.  Most of you are thinking, Google joins the social network?  It seems that Google is tired of being the diving platform for everyone else’s

Facebook Feedback Helped Diagnose Kawasaki Disease

Facebook is more than just a social network; apparently it’s also a means by which medical diagnosis can be attained. Recently, the popular social network assisted a mother in her search for answers and essentially helped save her son’s life.

Madelaine Zammit the Facebook Song and Youtube

Viral and YouTube?  They seem to go together right?  Ironically viral is defined on Dictionary.com in a number of ways; however none refer to going “viral” on YouTube. What exactly is a viral video though?  A video can go viral

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Slaughters Animals… For Food

Mark Zuckerberg, known for his role in inventing the social platform that has become the number one social network, Facebook, is in the news again.  But this time he has taken on a new challenge; slaughtering animals. Zuckerberg announced to

Leader of Egyptian revolution leaving Google to start NGO in his home country

ASHINGTON, ENGLAND— The Google executive, who administered the Facebook page that led to an uprising, thus becoming the Egyptian revolution’s unofficial hero, is taking a leave of absence from the company in order to set up his own NGO in

Doctors warn about the use of Facebook adding to depression in teens

CHICAGO, IL— New social media guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatrics—published Monday online in Pediatrics—call out the potentially harmful nature that social networking sites such as Facebook can have on troubled teens. While medical researchers agree that using

Facebook Turning Away Customers

Online social media mogul Facebook is giving the boot to some 20,000 of its users per day.  That’s 20,000 potential customers.  Not a business practice you would expect to hear about.  It seems that a study called The Pew Internet

Facebook, in conjunction with Warner Bros, to offer movie rentals on its site

NEW YORK, NY— Social networking powerhouse Facebook is teaming with Warner Bros. to offer movie rentals through its site, a move that puts it into the online instant streaming pool and stands to give movie sites—such as Netflix—some legitimate competition.

By Filing For IPO, LinkedIn Might Be Opening Doors For Other Internet Services:

After filing IPO papers on Thursday, LinkedIn Corp is expecting to raise at least $175 million in an initial public offering of stock, which many analysts believe will start a domino effect of other widely used online services going the