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Charlie Sheen Tweets Personal Phone Number Intended For Justin Bieber

Sometimes it pays to make sure you know how to use social media correctly. Charlie Sheen reportedly tweeted his phone number to his millions of followers when he meant to just send his number to Justin Bieber. One might ask

X Factor Final 12 Perform Viewers Decide Thursday

X Factor Final 12 Perform Call it the X Factor Spring as the X Factor final 12 take the stage.  Finally, the people rise to power. Wednesday night the X Factor final 12 took to the stage, and their future

Troy Davis Execution Hours Away

Will Georgia stop the Troy Davis Execution? Was Troy Davis a scapegoat for the Savannah police officials? Is this a case between African Americans and Whites in the south? Interesting case, three times before they have stayed,

Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal, Should He Resign?

Have you ever been involved in sexting? Congressman Anthony Weiner has and may have to resign from his position because of it. Rumors have been circulating around Anthony Weiner and his alleged involvement with sexting for years now. Why all

Skype Services Suffer Outage

Skype is the next big name in tech news for having some issues surrounding sign on and making calls.  Once again Twitter to the rescue as the news was tweeted around the globe about the Skype outage: “Some of you