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2012 Oscars: BQB Highlights of the Fashion and Films

2012 oscars

2012 Oscars The 2012 Oscars. Here is a ceremony that is in some ways like the Super Bowl. I was making chit-chat with a woman earlier today and asked if she watched it. She replied that she did but she

Terrence Malick’s “Tree Of Life”

As an individual who believes in the power of film to inspire individuals and change lives, I am captivated by the lifelong work of Terrence Malick on the “Tree of Life”.  Understanding what the Tree of Life stands for is

Is 3D Television And Films Worth Getting Sick?

It seems like pretty much all blockbuster movies or at least animated movies are coming out in 3D now and with the advent of 3D Television hitting the stores, it’s about time the media lets you know how this could