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Are the Kardashians putting out a magazine?

What are the Kardashians doing now   The Kardashians seem to getting into the media business Oprah-style, meaning that the world is their oyster. Aside from their clothing lines and television work, Page Six reports the reality TV family is close to

Charlie Sheen Tweets Personal Phone Number Intended For Justin Bieber

Sometimes it pays to make sure you know how to use social media correctly. Charlie Sheen reportedly tweeted his phone number to his millions of followers when he meant to just send his number to Justin Bieber. One might ask

The ‘Sing-Off’ Finale

Have you watched Nick Lachey on the The ‘Sing-Off’ Finale   Perhaps the best vocal competition show on television came to a climax last night as the winner of all the 16 a cappella groups was announced: Pentatonix. I never

Regis Philbin is leaving ‘Live!’ after today

regis leaving TV

Regis Philbin is leaving Fifty years is a long time to do, well, anything. Being on TV for five decades is not only a feat worthy of the Guinness Book of World Records, but it gives people a sense of security,

CMA Awards More Than Good Ol’ Country Music

CMA Awards show The annual CMA Awards is more than country music, of which has significantly over the past few decades. What used to be a niche for blue-collar, down-home good ol’ boys focusing on traditional values and predictable themes

X Factor Top 11 Perform

The X Factor contestants slugged it out Wednesday night, vying for your love and more importantly your votes. It was movie night at the X Factor, so each of the acts performed a song that has been featured in a

Where’s Waldo? MGM Produces the Movie

Where’s Waldo Movie A Where’s Waldo? film adaptation has been in development for years.  Pretty much everyone has heard of the classic book Where’s Waldo? in which you have various pages of masses of people, with Waldo hidden among them. Now they

Kardashian Divorce E! Comments After 72 Days of Marriage

Kim Kardashian Divorce The Kardashian divorce, after a marriage lasting only 72 days, is an interesting story for TV analysts. The first obvious debate comes from how much “reality” really exists in a reality show.  Was the Kim Kardashian divorce

X Factor Final 12 Perform Viewers Decide Thursday

X Factor Final 12 Perform Call it the X Factor Spring as the X Factor final 12 take the stage.  Finally, the people rise to power. Wednesday night the X Factor final 12 took to the stage, and their future

Kim Kardashian Divorce Papers Filed, Blocks Spousal Support

Kim Kardashian Divorce After 72 Days of Marriage Kim Kardashian Divorce from Kris Humphries is Happening Encore do you want more, Kim Kardashian divorce media tour?  Yep.  After 72 days the Kim Kardashian divorce from her husband Kris Humphries is

X Factor Final 12 Revealed

X Factor Final 12 Despite constant sniping between the judges Tuesday night, the X Factor final lurched forward, bringing 17 acts to the live stage and sending five of them home. Each of the acts was coached by their mentor

Steve Jobs Movie SONY Courts Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin

Sony Gets Production Rights to Steve Jobs Movie Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin No Comment on Adapting Steve Jobs Movie It seems very likely that there will be a Steve Jobs movie thanks to Sony!   Sony has acquired the production rights to

Real Steel Knocks Out Box Office Competition

Real Steel knocked out the competition this past weekend at the box office, claiming the number one spot across the globe. After a few fights and a couple of junk robots, Real Steel reminds us all that although technology can shadow

Oprah Winfrey Relaunches OWN LIVE

Oprah Winfrey has unfailing faith and a stubborn determination I find absolutely refreshing. For me and many other young women, we find inspiration knowing because Oprah never gave up she found success. When people told her no, Oprah

Lion King 3D Aint No Passing Craze

Lion King 3d

Two young women enter into the Loews movie theatre in their local town to see the Lion King 3D, aka an epic display of life take shape once again. If you have not seen it yet you must.

REM Calls it a Day Over Three Decades Later

31 years is a long ride when you think about it for four guys known as REM hailing from Athens Georgia in 1980. Little did anyone know that the quartet was silently capitalizing on local venues just inches away

The Emmys Red Carpet Rolls Out During 63rd Primetime Event

the emmys 2011

The Emmys Red Carpet Roll Out Who took home the Emmys this year? Whether you tuned into the Emmys last night or not, everyone joins in the conversation the day after.  As the red carpet rolled out for the 63rd

Tim Allen is back: Last Man Standing

Some might call Tim Allen’s new sitcom, “Home Improvement 2” but for those who took comfort in Tim Allen’s “man’s man” attitude and shtick will likely enjoy his new show premiering this fall on ABC. “Last Man Standing,” which debuts

Oscar Winning Director Steven Soderbergh Switching Careers

Steven Soderbergh is known for directing such films as “Traffic” and “Erin Brokovich” and while there have been rumors of his retirement which he has denied; he recently acknowledged to The New York Times that his interests will shift elsewhere