The Top 3 Things to Ask Your Significant Other

The Top 3 Relationship Questions to Ask Your Significant Other

There are at least three topics that all couples should discuss before things get serious. The first two are obvious but the third is something very few ever consider.

relationships3Subject #1: Children. When and how many?  

Yes this one often “just happens” but it should be one of the first things new couples discuss and actually give some thought. I remember I had a science teacher back in high school that once brought her toddlers to class, and she said something to the effect of, “Yeah that second one was an accident. Who’s mommy’s little accident?” She clearly had an interesting sense of humor.

Also, think about the genes of the significant other when you are first dating. Is there a history of mental disorder in the family? Are the parents happy and healthy, or at each other’s throats? Is everyone in the family overweight?

Subject #2: How much do you have in common?   

It is a myth that opposites attract and while it sometimes is good to be with a partner with personality traits that are the yin to your yang, the most successful relationships are the ones where people have many similar interests.


Subject #3: Retirement or work until you die?   

When you are young and in love you probably aren’t thinking about what you plan to do in your golden years, but it might make good conversation to see what the other views as ideal living during post middle-age. Are you the person that loves what you do and wants to do it as much as you can? Are you the person who just needs to work? Are you the person that can’t wait to retire and then do nothing but take walks, travel, and focus on hobbies or volunteering?

My dad is the sort that will work until he isn’t physically able to do so, and I don’t ever see him going into the world of playing golf and taking cruise vacations.

Ask your mate if he or she is going to do the 9-5 grind for as much time as it takes to get a pension, or maybe just enjoy the job and relish in the idea of working as long as the old ticker is ticking.

These three subjects are important!

Make sure you ask these questions, you may be surprised in what you find.

What are the top things you ask your girl or boyfriend as you are getting to know each other? What are your deal-breaker questions (having kids, living in the city versus country, etc.)?

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