Nintendo Wii U Has Gamers Saying Wii In!


Nederlands: Het Wii-U Logo

Nederlands: Het Wii-U Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Nintendo Wii U did not always have the spotlight of being a hit. Analyst Michael Pachter previously projected that the Wii U will have to force a price cut before the Holiday 2013 season ( Many speculate that the Wii U is not as innovative as the original Wii, therefore, it will not attract as many “traditionally non-gamers” out of the woodwork like the Wii did. This would be most unfortunate after having such a stellar exit right out of the gate.


The Wii U’s biggest claim to fame is it’s new “tablet controller.” It holds the title for being the first console to do this. A gamer sits in front of his or her TV and views the action on the TV screen while also looking down at additional game play events on a controller with a screen in the middle ( The screen itself is a touch screen with a built in camera that Nintendo hopes will allow game developers to create a seamless gaming world that has never been seen before. Each system only comes with one table controller, and users are forced to buy and play with the original Wii controllers for multiplayer games. This type of asymmetrical gaming experience where one player gets the advantage of using the all-new tablet controller while friends are stuck with original Wii controllers is one of the reasons why analysts are hesitant about crowning the Wii U the next generation console winner already.

Written by Ken L.  Edited and posted by BQB’s Rena

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