Papel Visit 2015

The Pope’s visit to the United States may have come at a key time as our world has gotten waaay out of control on dozens and dozens of matters. His trip started in Washington D.C. where he met President Obama and spoke of solidarity and coming together as a nation to assist in the aid of the worlds needs like global warming, war in the Middle East and the refugees.
The New Yorker reported, “The Pope addressed a joint session of Congress “with a polite but firm request for the United States to stand up for, and live by, some of the things it claims to represent and, at times, has actually represented.” The Pope spoke about “The common good” and in reminded those sitting before him of their obligation to protect “those in situations of greater vulnerability or risk.”
The Pope was then on to New York where he spoke in Central Park, held mass at Madsion Square Garden where he said that God was among us and visited Ground Zero. His message remained the same, speaking of peace and loving one another.
His last stop was in Philly where he spoke at the “Festival of Familes” which is an international celebration of family, community, and faith that was held on Saturday September 26th. Close to a million gathered for a glimpse of the Pope but more importantly to hear his soft words of “All the love and beauty God has in himself, he gives it to the family,” the pope said.
One of the moments that touched me the most was when the Pope blessed children along the parade route as his motorcade went by.
The messages are pretty clear but will the U.S. heed his call or fall back into our selfish and greedy ways. I think that God may be running out of patience with us in the world and will result to more extreme measures if we don’t get the message this time around.

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