Dating Sites Catering to Those Looking For Love

I recently heard a story about dating sites that are catering to specific crowds. Some of these that currently exist are those that are for bikers: bikerplanet, bikerkiss, bikerhookups and so forth with the “.com” at the end. There are dating sites for equine lovers: equestriansingles, equestriancupid, equinedatingservice and so forth, with, naturally, the “.com” at the end.

geek online dating sites

Geek online dating sites

Like geeks, nerds, or self-proclaimed weirdos? You better believe there is site for you! Try,, or which is labeled as a “sci-fi dating” site. Good lord, there is a movie screenplay to be written here!

Here are a few other niche dating sites: (Birding community dating site) (you get the idea) (for the athlete and sports enthusiast) (for those that love Bieber) (for the Gaga fans) (for the single that wants well-adjusted people) (for those with dating anxiety) (for the singles always on-the-go) (for the singles who enjoy fine dining) (for those entrepreneurs that want a “business partner”) (for those that have an interesting past)

While all the ones from above I made up, I would bet that some of them are actually real or at least a variation of it exists and that is when truth is stranger (and funnier) than fiction. What this tells us is that there is no longer any excuse for being single, unless one truly desires a single life. Yes, internet dating may strike some as unnatural or awkward, but dating in general can be awkward so, we might as well be glad there is a website that could help us find that compatible special someone.

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